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IDF Военный браслет

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IDF Военный браслет

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Bracelet wit Jewish blessings and jasper or turquoise charms


New in the Hebrew Art and Jewish Jewelry collection of "Lost Tribe Design": a black leather bracelet with two beads with Hebrew blessings : "Shema Israel" and "Priestly Blessing". The beads are manufactured in Israel, silver plated zinc alloy, lead free. The bracelet is made of a thick high quality leather strap with a buckle to adjust size. The bracelet is also adorned with jasper (OR OPTION OF TURQUOISE) gemstone beads.
Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

страна происхождения Израиль
марка HolyLand-Craft.com
Material Кожа
пол Unisex
Тип драгоценного камня NA