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Copper Mezuzah

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Copper Mezuzah
5 004,60 руб.

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  • Handmade item

  • Materials: Lacquered, Brass, Copper

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5 004,60 руб.


A mezuzah from the judaica world, one off the jewish symbols, This peice of jewish art is made by israeli artists and is a lovely gift for jewish wedding and jewish holidays.
This stylish Mezuzah is of a reddish hue, made of a copper engraved with a delicate Pattern.
It is decorated with the Hebrew letter “Shin," made of brass, meaning God, or the Guardian of the Jewish doors. The Hebrew letter ש integrates nicely with the 2 end crowns

Best gift for those who appreciates handmade high-quality crafts.

Lacquered Brass and Copper. 

Length:5.51 inch / 14 Cm 
Width:0.63 inch / 1.6 Cm 
The size of the Mezuzah at the main image is made for 3.94 inch/10 cm parchment.

Available in3 different sizes for the same price: 
For 8 Cm/3.15 inch parchment - 4.72 inch /12 Cm 
For 10 Cm/3.94 inch parchment -5.51 inch/ 14 Cm 
For 12 Cm/4.72 inch parchment -6.30 inch/ 16 Cm

This item can slightly be different from the one in the photo since each is made individually. 

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Дополнительная информация

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марка HolyLand-Craft.com
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