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Jericho Premium Restoring Day Cream 50gr

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Jericho Premium Restoring Day Cream 50gr

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Jericho JP Eye & Neck Gel


Jericho's Eye and Neck Gel focuses much-needed pampering on your eyes neck and other areas that most reflect aging.  Made with nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea the Eye and Neck Gel will begin to make key lines and skin cracks begin to disappear making you feel younger.  The moisturizer combined with Dead Sea Minerals will help wrinkles on your neck become less pronounced and your crow's feet and creases around the eyes appear much less visible.  The Eye and Neck Gel will not only leave you feeling reinvigorated and fresher but looking younger as well.

Product Features

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals Vitamins Age Defying ingredients and plant extracts this gel is able to penetrate into the dermis and revive it.

Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

страна происхождения Израиль
марка Jericho
Material Нет
пол Unisex
Тип драгоценного камня Нет