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Star of David Jewelry

In this Jewish Jewelry section of our Judaica Shop you find Star of David Jewelry of different Israeli designers: Star of David Pendants, Star of David Necklaces for men and women, Star of David Bracelets and Star of David Charms, Jewish Rings with David Star.

What is the Star of David?

The Star of David or in Hebrew 'Magen David', - Shield of David is known as a symbol of modern Judaism and represents Jewish identity. It has the shape of a hexagram which contains two equal triangles. But David Star was never unique Jewish Symbol as for example Menorah or Lion of Judah. Magen David started to be popular among Eastern Europe Jews during the 19th century, only in that period it became significant symbol for the Jews as Christian Cross for Christians. 

David Star meaning

First Jewish usage of David Star was in the Kabbalah literature of Middle Ages as talismanic protective amulet where it was known as a Seal of Solomon. Judah Hadassi wrote in his book Eshkol Ha-Kofer about protection power of Star of David: Seven names of angels precede the Mezuzah: Michael, Gabriel...Tetragrammaton protect you! And likewise the sign, called the Shield of David, is placed beside the name of each angel.

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24 шт.