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Серебряное кольцо успеха и богатства (Ana Bekoach)

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Серебряное кольцо успеха и богатства (Ana Bekoach)
15 826,80 руб.

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Amazing Holy Names Combination Silver Ring with Onyx Stone. Every name has a different power and gives to his owner health, love and protects from the evil eye. The ring is custom-made and available in all sizes, please choose your size.

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15 826,80 руб.


Kabbalah ring men - According to the Kabbalah wisdom - The 72 names of God holds tremendous powerful energy and deep spiritual meaning. The origin of the 72 Names of God is referred to the Crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:19-21) were Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and the lord drove the sea back and the waters were divided. Each name of the 72 names has its own unique powerful meaning target and strength. Each name connects specific earthly aspect with the divine spiritual heavenly matching world. Each earthly aspect in our daily lives can be healed and improved by the force of the matching name of God.  

Star of David (David’s Shield) - according to Jewish tradition King David carried on the shield icon Star - David. Kabbalah is considered Star - David as a symbol of redemption which will come through the Messiah a descendant of King David.

This Jewish ring will be shipped with DHL Express and comes in the gift box. Beautiful Jewish gift for any occasion.

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Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

страна происхождения Израиль
марка Magic Touch jewelry
Material Silver 925
пол мужчина
Тип драгоценного камня оникс

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Thank you a lot
Very beautiful customer made ring. Very proud to get it!!! Good price. Отзыв пользователя Josh / (Отзыв написан 08.05.2015)