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Серебряный кулон с золотой комбинацией букв S.A.H שאה

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Серебряный кулон с золотой комбинацией букв S.A.H שאה
10 739,32 руб.

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Silver Hamsa Engraved A.L.D and Ana Bekoach Pendant.

The Hand of God (also known as Hamsa) is the traditional charm for warding off the evil eye and negative energies as well as a charm for prosperity - the open palm symbolizes receiving.

In the Kabbalah is noted that the 72 combination of letters that represent the Names of God have a significant meaning. The combination of three Hebrew letters are not names but instruments of energy they are used for evoking spirituality wisdom and mystical powers all for the purpose of being closer to the creator and the power of the universe. The magical letters radiate energy by releasing positive energies that bring us closer to finding life's joy happiness love and prosperity.

Alef Lamed Daled represents protection from evil eye jealousy and envy.

Ana Bekoach prayer is for protection healing and balancing. Improved sleep improved concentration sense of peace improve your connection to the Creator clears negative karma and improves your inner strength.



Product Features

-    Silver 925 ring with Gold
-    The item contains certificate of origin.
-    Manufactured in The Holy Land Israel.

Дополнительная информация

Дополнительная информация

страна происхождения Израиль
марка Magic Touch jewelry
Material Gold and Silver
пол Unisex